Reconnect & Reimagine: IWWG 2022 has ended
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Karen Laudenslager McDermott

Roussillon France
Hello future virtual participants! I am virtual this year due to overlapping comittments. Previously I attended one Conference at Muhlenburg in Allentown Pa…(my home town); then there was Covid; then Covid again…... I have lived in Europe since 1981, am an artist, former teacher of children’s theatre, and since 1990 a writer thanks to the wonderful Geneva Writers Group, where I quickly found life-long friends, and poetry! I have passed the years with a focus on doing and much less on visibility (not unfamiliar in women’s lives, I know…), and now in my 70’s have noted perhaps some pity in this situation…..but for the moment here I am, still more of the do-er! I would like to mention that my husband and I have created a low-key writers’ retreat here in France; out of commission during the Covid years, with now a slow start-up (we must still update our website); If you or someone you know might be interested (needing a change of place and/or pace?), do take a look at the website: www.maisonenprovence.net. I look forward to meeting you in July!